Bingo is a gambling game known anywhere in the world, with online bingo giving players a new platform for entertainment and winning cash reward. Not many people know that the bingo we enjoy today has evolved a lot since it was introduced in Europe in the 1530. It was then known as ‘Beano’ and started in Italy as a lottery game. The french players made some tweaks to the basic rules and the Germans improved it further. Nowadays, bingo is enjoyed by all ages across the globe.

Bingo Rules

The most appealing quality of Bingo is its simple mechanics. In many schools, Bingo is even used as an instructional material to aid in teaching different subjects. There are no tricks and no memorization required, all you really need to do is understand the basics as discussed in this article.

There are many different variations but the general rule is to block the appropriate pattern on your bingo card before anyone else does. A caller is designated to call out numbers so you can mark the corresponding area on your card.

Typically, a Bingo card has 27 spots in a grid that 9×3. These cards are normally sold in sheets or books which include 6 cards. Each spot has a number in it and are generated in random. There are 90 balls with number on each that is called out by the host. The amount of money or prize depends the number of horizontal rows you can fill. The game ends when someone shouts ‘BINGO!’. The host or caller will then affirm all the numbers or have someone take your card to shout out the marked off numbers that made the pattern.

Playing Online Bingo

With online bingo, cards are displayed on the computer screen. The host is replaced by a number generator that picks numbers. There are also websites that allows you to activate an auto dab function which automatically mark the drawn number on your card and even announces ‘Bingo’ for you.

Most websites display a pop up box that displays your card, the numbers that have been called out, a list of players online and sometimes a chat panel where you can interact with other players.

It’s important that you know the game’s winning pattern. While most online bingo websites play it the usual way, some will randomly generate pattern that you must fill for your card to win. For example, you might have an ‘any line’ game. This means you can win bingo by marking off any straight line. Then there are more complex patterns like forming an ‘X’ or filling four corners. Basically, the more complicated the pattern, the more is at stake. If you have marked off the designated pattern, press the ‘Bingo’ button to announce and claim winnings.

Tips for Beginners

Don’t play more cards than you can handle especially if you have to pay per sheet. There is no point to getting more chances of winning if you can’t keep track of all your bingo cards.

If playing with paid bingo sites, set a budget. Once you spent that amount, stop playing. This way, you don’t end up spending more than what you can afford.

Increase your chances of winning by playing with less crowded bingo websites. The prize pot may not be as big but you get a better chance at winning around with fewer competition.

Find out if there’s any upfront cost to play. Most bingo websites charge per card  while some charge an upfront fee to become a playing member.

Look out for bonus money and bonus games. Many reputable bingo halls and sites offer bonus money and games, especially for new members.

Make it a habit to double check your numbers before marking them. And don’t yell BINGO if you have not matched the pattern as this stops the game and can be annoying for other players. If you dab a number by mistake, mark it with a different color so you know it wasn’t called or if the website allows it, click the number again to ‘unmark’ the spot.

Play only with legitimate online bingo websites. Be sure to read the site’s privacy policy and terms of service to make sure it’s safe to use. It also is a great practice to read online reviews first to find the best and latest bingo websites.

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